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Domestic trains


Frecciarossa trains cross the Italian peninsula reaching the speed of 300 km / h, entering in the heart of big metropolis crossed by the Italian High Speed line and shortening distances.

Choosing a Frecciarossa train means relying on frequent connections, scheduled timetables easy to remember, departure from/arrival directly to the city centre, territorial coverage of large cities with the possibility of choosing the most convenient station.

In addition to that, some Frecciarossa connections extend the benefits of the Italian high speed outside the Turin-Salerno superfast line, travelling along it for a route then reaching, for example, Padua, Venice, Rimini, Ancona.


Fast connections at convenient and frequent times


Frecciarossa train is in service on the following routes:

  • Turin - Milan - Reggio Emilia AV - Bologna - Florence - Rome - Naples - Salerno: 93 trains per day*;
  • Venice - Padua - Bologna - Florence - Rome - Naples – Salerno: 14 trains per day*;
  • Milan - Reggio Emilia AV - Bologna - Rimini – Ancona - Pescara - Foggia - Bari: 4* trains per day from Milan to Ancona including 2 for Pescara, Foggia and Bari
* The offer is subject to reductions at weekends and at certain times of the year. The figures include both outbound and return services with Frecciarossa.

Main characteristics of Frecciarossa trains

Frecciarossa trains, Trenitalia's flagship product, combine high-speed and maximum comfort. They are made with 500 ETR and, from June 14th, 2015, with the latest ETR 1000. They all have:
  • Air conditioning
  • Sockets at each seat
  • Led lighting
  • Wide spaces for luggage
  • Monitor in all coaches with information and travel news continuously updated
  • Frecciarossa Portal accessible via WI-FI, with entertainment services, Internet connection and travel information
  • Two seats equipped for disabled people travelling in wheelchairs and 2 seats for attendants in the coach 3
  • Toilet in each coach and one equipped for disabled people in the coach 3
  • Changing table
  • Frecciarossa trains offer 4 levels of service: Executive, Business, Premium and Standard.


Frecciargento are trains running through both the high-speed and traditional lines travelling up to km/h with connections that shorten the distance between Rome and the major metropolitan basins of the North-East and South sides of the Country. 


Speedy connections in comfortable and frequent times


Every day it’s possible to choose among 52* connections in comfortable and frequent times: 

  • 30 trains connects Rome with Venice,. Two of them continue to Udine and  two for Trieste from Venice Mestre, 2 continue to Fiumicino Aeroporto.
  • 14 trains, every hour in the peak times, from Rome to Verona with connections to Brescia (4 trains) or to Trento and Bolzano (6 trains from monday to thursday, 8 trains from friday to sunday).
  • 6 trains from Rome to Lecce and 2 trains from Roma to Reggio Calabria stopping in the major basins of Puglia and Calabria.
*The number both the outward and return services performed with trains Frecciargento

Frecciargento are provided with: 

  • Air conditioning (ETR600/610/485) 
  • Sockets for each seat (ETR600/610/485) 
  • LCD touch screen monitor in the vestibule with pieces of information on Frecciargento offers and services (ETR600/610) 
  • The wagons are equipped with monitor to display pieces of information on travel, news, videos and other useful news continuously updated (except for wagon number 3) (ETR600/610) 
  • Courtesy light on the seat (ETR600/610) 
  • Spaces for big-dimensioned luggage both in the wagon and in the vestibules (ETR600/610/485). Wagon number 3 is equipped with 2 seats for disabled people travelling on wheelchairs and 2 seats for helpers (ETR600/610/485) 
  • A toilette each wagon (two in wagons number 2 and 3) and one for disabled people in wagon number 3 (ETR600/610/485) 


Services at the station and on board

At the station 

FrecciaDesk for the last-minute reservation change and pieces of information on circulation for all Frecciargento customers.  


Welcome on board 

First class travellers have at their disposal the welcome service with cold or hot drinks accompanied by a sweet or savoury snack chosen among the Italian best brands and from the morning up to 13, a choice of newspapers. 


Food service

The bar/bistro wagon, in the middle of the train, is dedicated to food services and it’s possible to drink hot and cold beverages and taste snacks, appetizing sandwiches, a wide range of hot and cold courses. 





Frecciabianca runs on traditional lines outside of the High-Speed network, guaranteeing comfort and quality service. 86 trains a day* connect large and medium-sized centres, from 5 AM to 9 PM, meaning you can always get where you need to go:
  • 44 trains a day*, with departures every hour (every half hour during peak hours), from 6 AM to 9 PM, between Milan and Verona/Venice and vice versa;
  • 24 trains a day*, with departures almost every hour, connect northern Italy with major destinations on the Adriatic coast up to Ancona/Pescara/Bari/Lecce/Taranto;
  • 12 trains a day* connect 20 cities on the Tuscan and Ligurian coast with the Capital, with stops in small towns and some extensions to Milan and Turin;
  • 4 trains a day* connect Rome with the main stations in Campania, Basilicata, and Calabria;
  • 2 trains a day* connect Rome with the Adriatic Coast (Falconara Marittima, Pesaro, Rimini, and Ravenna).
*The number both the outward and return services performed with trains Frecciabianca.


Services on board

Highly professional and prepared board staff

Our staff is at customers’ disposal during the whole travel to give information on: journey times, coincidences at the arrival stations and services available for Frecciabianca travellers.  

Bar Service 

It’s possible to taste the perfect Illy cafe iperespresso and chose among a wide range of other high-quality products. On Frecciabianca trains the restaurant service is available in the comfortable Corner Bar. On the trains Rome - Ravenna, Rome - Reggio di Calabria and Genova – Rome, travellers can eat and drink the shopped products in the Bar Space, seated as they were in a real bar.  

Cleaning service 

Specialized staff ensures the hygiene of the toilets and the decor of the rooms during the journey.  


  • Spacious reclining seats with wide seating 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Ample space for accommodation of bulky luggage 
  • Seats for people with motor disabilities in wagon number 3, where there’s also a dedicated toilet
  • Hooks hangers that are located under the luggage compartment, near the window
  • Socket on seat to recharge the battery of your mobile phone, or work with pc, watch movies, listen to your music
  • Courtesy lights on seat 
  • Foldout tables 
  • Tilting baby-changing table in the toilet of wagon number 3 
  • Sound system to be updated about the travel, the coincidences on stop stations, services and promotions of Trenitalia. 

La Freccia Magazine 

A copy of the monthly magazine of the Italian State Railways Group, available on seat. 



Per un viaggio di qualità al giusto prezzo

The Intercity trains connect about 200 large and medium cities , from North to South : from Turin / Milan / Ventimiglia to Rome / Naples / Salerno , Milan to Liguria and Tuscany , from Bologna to Puglia , Rome to Ancona / Perugia / Reggio Calabria / Taranto helping to achieve an efficient interchange with trains from the local transport and those with High Speed ​​.
All Intercity have sound systems and cars 1st and 2nd air-conditioned , almost all Intercity trains have a carriage equipped to transport disabled travelers .
On some routes from Rome ( Reggio C , Taranto , Ancona and Perugia ) travel the first convoys IC , the result of a thorough restyling , among the main news : electrical outlets and coffee table for each place both 1st and 2 ^ class , new lighting and roomy luggage compartment in the middle of the 2nd class carriages .


Per viaggiare in modo intelligente sulle lunghe distanze a partire da 39€*

Intercity Night allow you to save time and money ( traveling at night savings overnight in hotel ) without sacrificing comfort and quality ( travel comfortably in bed or bunk cabins and arrive at your destination rested without queues or stress highways along for the ride ) plus the advantage to arrive directly downtown .
Several destinations that you can reach and different travel solutions ( cars with sleeping cabins , berth or seats) to choose from .
To make travel on trains Night ( berths , VL ) you will need a ticket with your name with assignment of place and context , on board the train, you will be required to present a valid identification document .


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